Thank you for your interest in our JusDandy Shelties & Border Collies! 
Claudia & Gary are no longer breeding Shelties & Border Collies.
A HUGE thank you to those who have added our pups to your lives and become a part of ours. 
We will continue to follow your activites and remain your friends.

We have arenas and fields for training and trials.
We also have hosted a wide range of stockdog competition opportunities.

Finelia Farm consists of 135 acres of rolling Ohio farm land.



About Us

Claudia and Gary Frank are originally from Minnesota and then Wisconsin. They came to their current home in Ohio after a relocation from Mississippi. They will be celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary in 2008. Claudia has trained and competed with Shelties for over 40 years and Border Collies also in the last 20 years. Gary became active with the dogs after they had been married 10 years and now has been active in training and competition for 20 years too. Together they have finished CHs, UDs, OTCHs, TDs, TDX, MACHs, ADCHs, MADs, HCs, HTDIIIsd, HRDIIIs and the first and only Shetland Sheepdog Triple Champion. Claudia primarily uses, trains and works the Border Collies on livestock and competes at the Open level at traditional Border Collie trials as well as most of the other stockdog competition venues.


The Frank's train and compete with their dogs as long as they are physically able and they desired to continue their training and competition. Gary's young Sheltie is his thirteenth agility dog. These facts are mention so you can see that they have trained and competed with their dogs long term even using them as skilled farm dogs handling cattle (BCs), sheep, goats and poultry.


The best thing about breeding and competing for the Frank's is the many friends they have made through the years.